About: Jenna West Photography

My name is Jenna West, born and raised in Western North Carolina. My passion for photography began when I was a freshman in high school. I learned in a darkroom on a SLR and developed my own pictures, then gradually began learning digital photography about two years later. My reason for wanting to take pictures is to show that there is still beauty in the world. In a world focused so much on the bad and the ugly, you can find beauty in anything you see. I choose to focus on that beauty.

Projects: Jenna does subject work in the following topics: Children, Engagement, Family Sessions, Maternity, Nature, Senior Class, Weddings

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Bridal showers, Day of ceremony, Announcment Sessions.

Senior Class Memories

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Family Sessions

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Contact: Jenna

Jenna West email= jkwest27@gmail.com phone= 828-777-3143
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